How long do the lamps stay on for?

Some of our customers connect their lamps across different time zones and wonder how long the lamps stay on for.

When a lamp is touched all lamps on the group pulse for 30 seconds and then stay on for 30 minutes. Over this time they slowly grow dimmer until automatically turning off. The pulsing lets you know the lamps were touched recently.

However, with our LuvLInk App - you can manage time zones,  set a sleep timer, manage dimming times, color and brightness.

If you're on the other side of the world and asleep at the time, you might never know your family member touched their lamp, so just go into the settings of your app and you'll be able to set it up exactly how you'd like.

In order to use the features of the LuvLink App, you'll need to make sure that your lamp is setup using the App.  It's easy to do so just follow the LuvLink App Setup Guide here.

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