Add Friends to your LuvLink Connected Frame

Once your Luvlink Connected Frame is setup and connected, you can start receiving photos from friends, family, and yourself through the Frameo app. The app needs to be installed on your mobile phone and can be linked to the frame using a unique friend code.

Then, they'll be permanently connected to your LuvLink frame, enabling them to share photos and videos directly to your frame from any location across the globe.

Here's how to add a friend to your Luvlink Connected Frame:

Step 1: Generate a Friend Code

1. Press the 'Add friend' icon on the frame  .

2. A unique friend code will be generated.

Step 2: Share the code

Now share this code with your friend(s) in whatever fashion you prefer (e.g. SMS, email, a phone call or take a photo of the code).

Please note that the code is only valid for 12 hours. If a code has expired, you can always generate a new code on your frame simply by pressing the add friend button again!

Step 3: Enter the code on the phone

Once a friend has received the code, they will need to enter this in the Frameo app on their smartphone.

To do this, simply open the Frameo app and press the add friend button in the top of the app .

Enter the code, and you're all set!

Here's a short video to help you out in adding friends:

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