You can now create a backup storage for your files and at the same time, this will provide extra space so you can add more photos and video into your Luvlink Connected Frame!

Please ensure that your SD card meets the specific technical requirements below.

  • The SD card should have a maximum storage of 32GB or less.
  • The SD card should be in FAT32  format (SD cards of this size are usually in FAT32 by default)

If you need to format an SD card to FAT3 and make it compatible with the frame, please to this article: 
How to Format an SD Card


How to backup to an SD card

  1. Insert the micro SD card into the slot on frame
  2. Go to Settings and tap on the submenu Backup and restore
  3. Press Backup frame to external storage (e.g. microSD card)

The frame will start backing up all your photos and connections (this might take a minute or so depending on the number of photos stored on the frame). 



Automatic backup from SD-card

From the Backup and restore settings you can enable automatic backup if there is a compatible micro SD card inserted in the frame. 

Enabling this will automatically backup newly received photos and videos within 30 hours.

Restore from backup

Before attempting to restore your frame, you will need to first check and confirm that your backup is up-to-date.

To restore from a backup, you must first reset the frame.

Note: You cannot restore to a new Frameo frame and keep the old frame operational at the same time.