How to Import Photos From an SD Card

You can now transfer photos to your Luvlink Connected Frame through the import feature using an SD card. Please ensure that your SD card meets the specific technical requirements below.

  • The SD card should have a maximum storage of 32GB or less.
  • The SD card should be in FAT32  format (SD cards of this size are usually in FAT32 by default) 

If you need to format an SD card to FAT3 and make it compatible with the frame, please to this article: How to Format an SD Card

Note: The frame supports the following image file formats: .jpg .jpeg .png .webp. so please ensure that the photos being imported are in this format.


How to Import Photos

  1. Go to the Settings of your Luvlink Connected Frame.
  2. Under the menu, tap on Manage Photos
  3. Select Import Photos
  4. Tap on the photos that you want to import (Use the square icon in the top right corner to select or de-select all photos at once)
  5. Once done, just hit Import on the top right corner (downward pointing arrow icon).

Then, the photos will be imported to the frame's storage, and may take a minute or so to complete (depending on the number of photos being transferred).


We know you love videos too, and you can now import videos to your Luvlink Connected Frame using an SD card as well! 

For a full guide on importing videos to the frame, please check out this article: How To Prepare Videos for Import From SD Card

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