How to Export Photos to an SD Card

You can now export your photos straight from your Luvlink Connected Frame to an external storage using a micro SD card. Here is a guide to using the frame's export feature!

First, it is important to check and confirm that the micro SD card you are using meets these requirements:

  • The SD card has a maximum storage of 32GB or less.
  • The SD card is in FAT32  format (SD cards of this size are usually in FAT32 by default)

If you need to format an SD card to FAT3 and make it compatible with the frame, please to this article: How to Format an SD Card

Export Photos

Follow these simple steps to export photos from your Luvlink Connected Frame:

  1. Insert a micro SD card into the slot on the frame
  2. Got to the Settings of your frame
  3. Tap on Manage photos from the menu
  4. Select Export photos

The frame is now ready to start exporting all the photos from your frame – this may take a minute to finish or longer depending on the number of photos being exported.

You can find these photos saved on the SD card in a folder labeled as “export”.


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