How to Delete Photos on Your Frame

Have you got some photos or videos that you wish to remove from your collection on your Luvlink Connected Frame? Here's a quick guide on how to delete photos and videos to help tidy up your frame.

Note: Deleting photos or videos remotely isn't an option in the Frameo app at this stage, so this should be done on the frame.


Deleting Photos on Your Frame

  1. Open up the Settings on your frame.
  2. Look for the “Manage photos” menu
  3. Tap on "Delete photos"
  4. Next, select the photos you want to delete (or use the square icon on the top right corner to select or de-select all photos at once)
  5. Once you've made your selections, hit the garbage/trash icon in the top right corner.
  6. Then, confirm to delete the selected photos.

That's it! The photos and videos will be permanently deleted and your frame will be looking neat and tidy in no time.


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