Is My LuvLink Connected Frame Online?

Even if your frame shows it's connected to WiFi, it might not be online, making it appear offline to connected phones. 

This can happen if your WiFi has certain settings that the frame doesn't support or if the network equipment needs a reboot.

Check out this guide to ensure that your frame is online and connected to the internet:

  1. Navigate to your frame's Settings
  2. Then, head to the Wi-Fi submenu 
  3. Check the Connection status


If the Connection status is "Connected," as shown in the photo above, your frame is online and ready to go!

However, if it shows "Unknown" or "No internet," try rebooting your router and frame, then wait for 10 minutes. Then, try reconnecting the frame.

If rebooting the router and the frame does not help change the status to 'Connected', please refer to this article: WiFi connected - no or unknown internet connection

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