How do I go back to setup mode?

To go back to the initial WiFi setup mode, you need to hold down on the top sensor plate for about 3-5 minutes or until the lamp turns dim red. Then, go to the Luvlink App on your phone and start again with the setup.

Here are the step by step set up guide: Friendship Lamps Setup Guide - Luvlink

If the above instructions don’t work for you, please unplug your lamp, turn off your WiFi at the router, wait for 10 seconds, turn the router back on and plug the lamp back in. 

At this point, the lamp should turn blue and then dim red, meaning it is in WiFi setup mode.

Then, go back to the app and try again with the setup.

If you need further help in setting up your lamp, please reach out to our team at or via this contact form.

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