How do I send a voice message with LuvLink Infinity Voice?

With the Infinity Voice, not only can you send a color message by placing your hand in the ring or from our special custom color codes on the App, but your loved one can actually hear your voice, even though you're separated by distance!

How can you send the message?

1. Press and hold the button on the top of the Infinity Lamp to record the message.

2. Place your hand through the ring to send the voice message.

3. When your status light is green, it means that you have received a new voice message.

4. Press play to listen to incoming voice messages. 

5. Tap "Play" once to hear the latest message;  Tap "Play" twice quickly = second most recent message; Tap "Play" three times quickly = third most recent message.  You can do this up to five times as 5 messages can be stored on the lamp.

With the Infinity Voice range you can send sound messages up to 30 seconds long. And if you have more to say, then just send another message.

Infinity Voice by LuvLink

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