What is a GroupID and how can I enter it?

How to create a new GroupID?


To connect your Luvlink Friendship Lamp to others in your group, you will need a GroupID.

Please download the LuvLink™ App on you iOS or Android phone, then follow the App setup guide found here: Friendship Lamps Setup Guide – LuvLink

To create a GroupID, simply tap on "Create a new Group" on the LuvLink app.  This will automatically generate a GroupID for you and others who will join your group.

 If you created the GroupID, you will be the admin and will need to approve those who wish to join your group.

You will receive a notification thru email and on the app that a member is waiting for approval to join your group.

How to connect to an existing group?

If you already have an existing group, there is no need to create a new GroupID.

To start the setup process, you need to download the LuvLink™ App on your iOS or Android phone.

Tap on “+ Add Device” on the Luvlink App, then choose “Connect to an existing group” and enter the correct GroupID.

Continue following the prompts to add in your WiFi network and password.  Please make sure you press to select the WiFi, enter the password correctly and press SAVE.

The lamp will be yellow, which means it is awaiting approval from the admin (the person who setup the GroupID) to allow the device to connect to the group.

Need more help with the App Setup? Please check out this article here: LuvLink App Setup

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