How to use your Friendship Lamp

The Luvlink Friendship Lamp is a great and fun way to stay connected with loved ones!

The main idea of our lamps is to send love and greetings across the distance - by physically tapping its sensor plate, your lamp's color will be sent to others in the group, and they'll have to tap theirs to send their color back.

Pick or change your lamp's color

To pick a color for your lamp, simply touch and hold down on the top sensor plate (for about 10+ seconds) and wait for it to cycle through the many different color options. Then, release when you see the color that you like. The lamp will pulse with the chosen color for another 5 seconds and then turn off.

Send your color to your group

To send a color, please touch the top for 1 second. All lamps in your group or connected to the same GroupID will light up with the color that you sent and pulse for about 30 seconds before staying on. The pulsing lets you know that someone in the group has touched their lamp to send a greeting.

Turn your lamp off

If for any reason you would like the lamp to go off, just hold down the touchpad for 2 seconds and release to turn it off. Please note that if you or your friend touches a Friendship Lamp the lamp will turn on again, so you don’t have to worry about shutting your friend out.

Alternatively, you can set up a 'Sleep Timer' on the Luvlink App. Know more about this feature by visiting this article: Set a Sleep Timer

Change WiFi settings

Although you will most likely not need to do this, you can enter the WiFi configuration mode - just hold down on the touchpad for about 3-5 minutes. You will notice that the lamp cycles through all the colors a number of times, but eventually it will turn dim red and stay like that. At this point, please go to the app and start again with the setup and follow the prompts configure your WiFi settings and/ or the GroupID. This may be useful if you want to make sure that the lamps are on the same network if they are not working properly.

Need more help in resetting your lamp? Check out this article here for more troubleshooting information: How do I go back to setup mode?

With our LuvLink App, the lamp setup is made easier and you can now send your color through your phone, without needing to be near your lamp. Additional features of the app allows you to manage your lamp's settings, and receiving real time notifications for greetings sent to your group.

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