LuvLink App Setup

Setting up your Friendship Lamp is so easy using our LuvLink App.


To begin: 

  • Make sure you are in range of your Wifi network. 
  • Download the LuvLink™ App for iOS or Android. 
  • Create an account or Login to the Luvlink™ App 

Simple LuvLink Setup Steps:

Then follow the simple steps in the LuvLink Setup Guide

  1. Turn it on with the USB cable to a charger or a laptop.
  2. Select + Add Device
  3. Choose "Create a new Group" if this is the first time you are setting up the lamps or  "Connect to an existing Group".
  4. Copy the GroupID and share it with those in your Group.
  5. Make sure the lamp is in the dim red state (touch the top sensor for 2-3 minutes) and then select the lamp device on Android or enter the MAC ID (from the sticker on the base of the lamp) if you're using an IOS device.  Press connect.
  6. Select your WiFi network, enter your password and press SAVE.
  7. Be patient as the lamp connects and finishes the setup.  You'll see 3 ticks if you have successfully set up the device.
  8. If you are joining someone else's group, your lamp will be yellow and you will need to wait for the Admin to approve you.

LuvLink App Features

With the App, you can: 

However, to send a color to your group, you will need to touch the top sensor of your lamp.

Once your lamp is setup, you can send a color, change colors, turn the lamp off and go back to the setup - either manually by holding the top sensor of the lamp or via the app.  

See the functions of the friendship lamp here. 

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