LuvLink Frame does not connect to WiFi

If your Wi-Fi is visible but the frame won't connect to it, it could mean the password is incorrect or there's an issue with the Wi-Fi encryption.

Below are some helpful troubleshooting steps to connect the frame to your WiFi.

1. Reboot Network Equipment

Your network connection may need to be rebooted occasionally. 

Simply turn off your router, modem, and access points for 10 seconds, then turn them back on for a quick reboot.

2. Reboot the Frame

If your frame isn't working as expected, it's always a good idea to also reboot it.

Just tap the power button in the quick menu to shut down the frame. Just make sure not to unplug it while it's still on.

3. Double check that the password is entered correctly

To verify that the password is entered correctly, please press the icon  next to the password field. Then, you'll be able to see the password as you type for accuracy.

4. WiFi Encryption

For a secure and compatible WiFi connection, we commend that you use WPA2 encryption for your WiFi security. 

While Enterprise encryption and WPA3 aren't supported at the moment, you can reach out to your Internet Service Provider or someone tech-savvy to help you adjust this setting as needed.

Other WiFi and Connection Problems

If your WiFi is not visible at all, please check out the article: Wi-Fi Does Not Show Up on Frame

If your frame connects to the WiFi, but states "No internet" or "Unknown" under Connection status, please check out the article: No Internet or Unknown Internet

If your WiFi uses a captive portal (for public, work, and guest WiFis that use a log in page to enter credentials) please check out the article: How to connect the frame to a Captive Portal

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