Connecting to the lamps in your Group

The fun begins! 

With our Friendship Lamps, the idea is to connect to your group of friends, family or partner and then touch the sensor to send your color!

But, how do you connect?

The good news is that it's easy and it is a part of the initial setup process using our LuvLink App. You can find more helpful information about the setup in this article: Luvlink App Setup

In order for the lamps to be able to communicate within the group, you will need a GroupID and this should be entered on each lamp during the initial setup.

Here is an article to help you create a GroupID or join an existing Group: What is a GroupID and how can I enter it?

The lamps are swirling green but not communicating?

The most common reason why the lamps are not communicating is because the GroupID is entered incorrectly.

Please ensure that exactly the same GroupID is entered on each lamp during the setup - this should be all lowercase and without any extra space. An empty GroupID may also cause the lamp to be yellow, so it is important to check this as well.

If your  lamp is already set up on the app, you can check the GroupID, by going into the App > Settings (cog wheel) of your lamp > GroupID and then make the necessary changes.

If your lamps are still not communicating, please just get in touch with the LuvLink Support team and let us know your MAC ID and GroupID and we'll help you out! 

You may reach us via email at or by filling out this contact form.

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