General questions about the lamps

Who are Friendship Lamps designed for?

A Friendship Lamp is ideal for anyone looking for a unique way to keep in touch with their loved ones. Whether you have family members spread across the globe, are currently in a long-distance relationship, or have a special friend you’d like to be in touch with, our Friendship Lamps are made just for you.

In fact, it’s even a great piece to place at your office and connect with your family and friends at any time of the day. Regardless of your location or theirs, a Friendship Lamp is the best way to send your love across the miles.

Can this lamp be used as a table lamp, night lamp, or for ambient lighting?

You can use the lamp however you like! But don’t forget: every time you tap it – it will light up all the other lamps connected to the same Group ID.

If you'd like to see some pictures of friendship lamps in our customer's homes - check out our LuvLink Reviews page.

Does the lamp have a rechargeable battery?

The lamps don’t come with batteries, so you need to be always connected to USB power.

Does the other lamp light up as soon as I touch mine? Is there a delay?

Yep, the other lamp or lamps light up as soon as you tap your lamp. There is no delay unless there’s a problem with the Wi-Fi connection at either end.

How many lamps can be connected?

Friendship Lamps are fun to be used with just one other person or in a small, medium, large group!  Just make sure that all the lamps in that group are using the same GroupID.  Once that's entered in each of the lamps, you'll be able to send your fun greeting to your whole group.

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