My lamp randomly turns on!

Is your lamp randomly turning on when no-one has touched it? 

If you find that the lamp lights up by itself or flickers and acts strangely, please check these things: 

  1.  Is your GroupID entered correctly?  It's really easy to add in a space, extra letter or capitalize a letter when it should be lower case.  Double check that the GroupID has been entered correctly on all the lamps in your group.  See this article for more help with the GroupID.
  2. Please check your power source.  When you received your lamp, you received a USB cord to connect into a power source.  If you're having issues with the lamp, just try using a different power adapter.  As long as you have a quality, brand name adapter (such as you'd use for your mobile phone), the lamp should work fine.  To test this out, you can also plug your lamp into a PC/Mac as this is a purer source of power.  If it works well on your computer, then you can assume that the issue is most likely connected to your own power adapter.
  3. Is there someone on your group, who is tapping their lamp?  Just check to make sure that no one else is tapping their lamp at the time. :)

If you still have this issue and the lamp randomly turns itself on, please email and get in touch with the Friendship Lamp Support team.  Please choose "Lamp Troubleshooting", add a summary of the issue and add your GroupID and MAC IDs. This will help us identify your issue and help to solve it as quickly as possible.

We're keen to help and get your lamps working perfectly! :)

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