Can I connect my Infinity Lamp to my Friendship Lamp?

This is a common question and the answer is Yes, you can! 

You can sync all our LuvLink products together. Just use the same GroupID and share colors between them.

When someone places their hand in the LuvLink Infinity ring, their color will be sent.  It will make the Friendship Lamp glow or it will swirl in the Infinity lamp or the Infinity Voice. It's such an innovative way to have an instant connection with those you love!

If you have an Infinity Voice and send a voice message, this can be played by someone who has an Infinity Voice as only these products have the recording and playback feature.   But, if you send a color,  it will be received no matter what LuvLink product you have - the Friendship Lamp or the Infinity range. 

All of our LuvLink products connect together and are all set up in the same way via our LuvLink App  - so if you're stuck, search for an answer in our knowledge base and you'll be certain to find what you need. 

Of course, our Support team are happy to assist at any time.  Just reach out here: Contact us!

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